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Name:Asphodel Necessary Information Bin
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Welcome to Asphodel, the idyllic little purgatory for many a wayward soul. If your muse has wandered into this town, they're in for an odd eternity. That fairy tale background of theirs? That epic journey they had? The lovely happy ending they reached? All gone. Anyone who comes into this town thinks they've always lived there, and get local memories to match. And the replacement backgrounds they get are never too pleasant. Be it a vice they can't shake, a dream forever unsatisfied, or a lack of any lasting relationships, no one seems truly happy.

That is, unless they're one of the lucky few to discover the truth.

They might be strangers now, but spotting a formerly familiar face will still catch the eye and spark strange feelings. Precious possessions are scattered throughout the town, like little clues, unimpressive to anyone but their former owners. If they can stumble across just a few, recapture who they used to be, something might just click. No one's ever managed a full memory recovery – yet – but just a few hints might explain that constant sense of living the wrong life.

But will knowing they're stuck mean they can get out?
Or will recovery offer only darker revelations?


Asphodel Meadows is an open RP based on elements from Once Upon a Time, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Higurashi: When They Cry, and Greek mythology. Upon their deaths, characters are trapped as game pieces in a model village in purgatory, living new, unhappy lives as NPCs until their memories begin to return. Player plots and world-building are highly encouraged, but the game's puppet master also actively seeks to influence events.

ic basics.
- Victimized purgatory world
- Memory loss, replacement, & recovery
- Player-driven in tone and progression
- Expanding world & plot aspects
- Regular town events included

ooc basics.
- Slow to medium paced
- Action prose used, but not required
- Adult content allowed but locked
- Backtags/Doubles/AU friendly
- No strict AC


The Rules
Game Info

Local Spots

Find Pieces
Player Activity
Plotting Threads

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